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Is It At All Possible?

Le 25 January 2017, 05:24 dans Humeurs 0

When people start saving for their future they usually dream of having that place in the country on a lake, traveling to see the world, or, just finally, not having to answer that dang alarm clock on Monday morning. The last thing that people think of is having to use their hard earned savings on co-payments. One round of chemotherapy costs $18,000 and an additional injection of a blood boosting drug buckles your knees at $15,000.


Forty years after the National Cancer Act launched the "war on cancer," the battle is not just finding cures and better treatments but also being able to afford them. Last time I checked, we are losing that war. Shocking as it is, it is not only happening to people with poor lifestyle choices. At the turn of the 20th century cancer was only striking 3% of Americans, it is afflicting 40% now and at the end of this century it is estimated to be 100%. With our world becoming more and more toxic, the arrogant attitude that persists to put all the emphasis on curing cancer, combined with the supplicating majority who accept it, one might ask is it possible to prevent Cancer?


Le 9 December 2016, 05:15 dans Humeurs 0

NEITHER Dorothy McClain nor Victoria PolyU Weibo Drew possessed any real acquaintance with New York City. Dorothy had been there only once as a little girl of six years old on a shopping expedition with her mother. Tory had arrived in New York with the friends from on board the steamer that sailed from Cherbourg. She had, however, spent only a single night at reenex facial a hotel, leaving next morning for Westhaven, a few hours’ journey away.


Therefore, the ride into the city was not sufficiently long to cover the emotions it held for both girls. They were to spend Bridal Makeup class four or five days in the city, that Mr. Fenton declared the most beautiful and stimulating in the world.


Tory did not agree with Mr. Fenton’s estimate of New York, but she was willing to be convinced.

but Also a Little Bit Outgoing

Le 17 November 2016, 05:07 dans Humeurs 0

1. You find it difficult to adjust to conventional systems.

A good part of our society caters for the extrovert, from our office spaces to hang out spots. Although you try to appear suitable for your Indian restaurant in Hong Kong environment you still feel awkward in large social settings. As an outgoing introvert, your focus is not matched for traditional settings because you will probably hate it.


2. You take your time to be warmed up around people.

You wouldn’t tell your story within the first hour of meeting someone new at a party. Although you desire to be an object of attention, you take your time to unleash yourself to people you are meeting for the first time. Furthermore, you would prefer things are more controlled in such a gathering before you start ifco deco socializing.


3. You are more attracted to introverts than extroverts.

Although you are a more outgoing introvert, you are still drawn to people who have the same attitudes and perspectives as you do. According to a few studies, introverts depend on their environment to gather energy and if the environment is not well suited with the right individuals or factors, you suddenly love to retreat.


4. You like to have fun and go out, but  it should only be with your inner circle of friends.

Extroverts love to take full advantage of new environments or social gatherings. But introverts who are outgoing want their social gatherings to be special and have a more bonding appeal. That is why they would prefer to perform outdoor activities only with their inner circle of friends.

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